We drink the Truth

On a Monday morning,
holding my coffee, nicely brewed
I look through my window, quickly,
and feel the gentle touch coming from my drink, warming
– making all anew.
Suddenly, it comes to thought:
”What if today is final?
”What if this is just a play?”
”Will I be satisfied with my coffee?”
”Will this be the best part of my day?”
These thoughts, surprisingly, vanish.
Just like the taste of the coffee in my mouth
flowing to the sides and sliding down in joy,
sending the fulfilling affirmation to my brain: all is well.
The mind goes and dwells somewhere else,
and so does the coffee
there, in the slightest conceptions that we keep within
about coffee, about brewing, tastes, life and satisfaction
there, right there, there is truth.
That is why we drink it.

We drink the Truth – Ticiele de Camargo, 15th Nov, 2021. London.

Balkan coffee, BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA. Sept 2021