An eye for photography

My enthusiasm for photography emerged on my 10 years of age, when I started watching documentaries about creatures on Natgeo and reading magazines which featured lots about the animal kingdom. From the start, I was unable to bear the cost of a camera that would bring my photograph ideas to life. At this point, I had a little Nokia phone which allowed me to make films and take photos. I was also a member of the TrekEarth site and had received many positive and useful, constructive feedbacks. I remember posting an image for each day (if not more), insects, flowers, lifestyle, beaches, landscapes etc. TrekEarth also offered its members the chance to edit the work of other photographers, as a freelance thing and I remember being very active editing photos from amateurs and professionals around the world.

Some time before I moved to Europe, my mother gifted me with a look alike powershot camera (less expensive adaptation) which I cherished to such an extent. At that point, I continued idealizing my aptitudes much increasingly, because of the way that I could encounter the trading of feedbacks from professional photographers around the world through the TrekEarth community.

Later on, in the wake of working in a caffe, I set aside cash and got me an EOS Canon 1000D. I had procured an expert encounter and training with Natgeo here in London, having taken a few modules with them (scenery, portrait representation, wild photography, night photography and full scale photography).

I have been blessed to work in events for personalities such as singers and footballers, also did some personal portraits photo shooting for occasional clients such as magazines, zoos, churches, institutions etc. This is also found on my Instagram account @ticieledecamargo

My photographs were also featured in journal papers such as Portal das Monções, O Semanário, The Family Magazine and Formosa Magazine. Additionally, I won a competition by Saal Digital bringing the best shot in landscape and documentary, dramatic shots.

I believe in progressive learning and improving, there my journey as an expert photographer is still in place, but one thing I am certain: the adoration for photography won’t ever change.

Below you will discover a portion of my absolute best chances (in spite of the fact that today my gallery surpasses 6TB), I trust you can have a sample of it through these stunning shots, enjoy!

I am open for bookings and new projects ahead. If that is of your interest, please get in touch.

Luan Santana, Brazilian singer, artist, shots from his concert that took place in the city of Avaré, in Brazil. The concert was organised by the city council of Avaré and I was invited to take some shots in the event. Baby S, family photoshoot and Danielle Mendes, a Brazilian model.