Before the mirror

Before the mirror

There are so many other ways to use your mouth.

People get blinded by the options. Still, people keep accepting, avoiding critical thinking and rejecting

the honesty of our essence calling its truth. People seem scared or unconfident to reveal their colours. Their speech has no meaning.

There are so many ways of using your fingers.

They become useless before the simplicity and avoidance of complexity which technology enables; they get lost tapping, typing, sending and ignoring.

Your motor skills are reduced to basics and your fingers seem to blindly accept the terms and conditions that your eyes don’t even read.

There are many ways of using your brain.

We are desperately looking for acceptance before beauty, fitness, food porn and gym sweaty posts… but everything goes away. We’re stuck into categories and a great lack of thoughts. We don’t hear our voices proclaiming our rights. We’re blindly imitating, consuming and becoming stereotypes. Just like robots.

There are many ways of writing poetry and different ways of putting on the make up. But, drained by the action of composing, I keep wondering:

what else should I add so the world sees it better and wanders less? Or, are metaphors, sibilance and space going to ring them a bell?

Then I see myself in the mirror. Without any make up, my eyes do tell:

‘’only you know the depths you can take. Venture in breathless ends. Use all you have.’’

TC 2018.