The Poet

Ticiele de Camargo is a Brazilian writer and poet from Porto Feliz, São Paulo.


”To read means to grow internally
Write and dream, eternally.”

By the age of 11, Ticiele won the SARESP (School Development Evaluation System of São Paulo State) contest bringing the best essay on the theme ‘The Discovery of Brazil’. 

Ticiele’s passion for Music, Prose and Poetry encouraged her then to develop at the age of 11 her first own writings in Children’s Literature. Curious by nature and an early dreamer, Ticiele self-taught herself in learning foreign languages such as Latin, Portuguese, and English from her mother’s piles of books. Ticiele’s mother had a lot of didactic and academic books at home for always having worked as an Educator for public schools.

During her childhood in Brazil, Ticiele also studied English and German in private schools for a short time until finally set sail for Europe. Destination? London. Her goal was to improve everything that she had learned. But she did not stop just there. She moved to Italy where she learned the Italian language for a couple of months and knew a little more of her Italian background.

Ticiele has also studied Web Design and Photography in London and is currently a BA in English Literature undergraduate student at Goldsmiths, University of London.

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