Hands of New Hope: Crianças Avivadas, Mozambique

Ticiele believes that we all can make a positive impact on the lives of many abandoned children in the world. This positive impact can be done by donating our time, prayers and energy to the children.

In 2016, the Poet and her friend founded ‘Crianças Avivadas/Hands of Hope’ a charity project in Beira, Mozambique. The project has over 30 children who need care, clothes and schooling help. The children are all from different ages, from babies to teenagers. The volunteers who work in this project are friends and local people who voluntarily offer help by preparing meals and assisting the children with literary skills and making sure they improve their personal hygiene.

The project is always open for more help, whether volunteering or donations. The children need medicine, school stuff and clothes on their daily basis. If you’re interested and would like to help this project, please get in touch through the form below:

Crianças 21/08/2019