Hands of New Hope: Crianças Avivadas, Mozambique

Ticiele de Camargo believes that we all can make a positive impact on the community of many abandoned children in the world. This positive impact can be done by donating our time, prayers and energy to the them.


Ticiele came from a family in Brazil that voluntarily helped many unprivileged families and children. ‘‘We visited houses that did not even water or power, we always made sure they felt loved and accepted by us. My mom still loves to visit these people back home. Last Christmas, we went to the supermarket and she began to fill our trolley with Christmas food etc. She did not mention to me it was for a unprivileged family. In the car, she said he was dropping the box of food to a family that she recently met. When we arrived, they were extremely humble and happy, greeting us with the biggest smile they had. In the box there was traditional Christmas food, meats and panettone. This family got very emotional because their little son had been asking his parents for sweets and stuff to eat during Christmas day but unfortunately they could not afford it. When they opened the box, they all got emotional, including me.  I think love and acceptance is the most basic thing we can offer people and of course, donate food, clothes and pray with them.”  Experiences like this helped Ticiele to tackle human agency with boldness and profoundly reflect about the outcome of people from the lower social class. Many of Ticiele’s writings revolve around societal issues that became prominent topics for her writings especially during her development from child to adult.

In 2016, the Poet and her friend founded ‘Crianças Avivadas’ a charity project in Dondo, near Beira, Mozambique. The project fosters over 30 children in need of food, personal care, clothes and schooling assistance. The children are all from different ages, from babies to teenagers. The volunteers who work in this project are friends and local people who voluntarily offer help by preparing meals and assisting the children with literacy skills and making sure they improve their personal hygiene.

The project is always open for more help, whether volunteering or donations. The children need medicine, food, school material and clothes for their daily basis.

If you’re interested and would like to help this project, please get in touch!