Oie!! essas fotos são de hoje cedo, o Sr Domingos me enviou. Nas fotos podemos ver a distribuição dos alimentos comprados com as arrecadações e também, a celebração por mais um dia de vida. Hoje tivemos na faixa de 70 crianças participando conosco.

Photos from this morning, sharing the food with the locals and celebrating one more day of blessings and joy. Today we had around 70 children taking part of our service at the small church.

Keep praying for Mozambique.

“Faith is always a victory.”

Shalom ❤️🙏🏼🇲🇿

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Crianças e distribuição de alimentos Sharing the food with the locals and enjoying the service.

Cordeirinho da páscoa, que trazes para mim?

Vida eterna e graça, simples assim.

Cordeirinho da páscoa, o que você fez?

A cruz, eu venci, por amor a vocês.

A cruz, eu venci, por amor a vocês.

A cruz, eu venci, por amor a vocês.

Ticiele de Camargo ©️ 21/04/2019

Peak District, by TC©️
If you see it, you know it. If you know it, you’re free! Tc©️

Sabe o que aquece o meu coração? cada sorriso estampado, cada mãozinha em movimento, cada piscar de olhos. Isso me ensina o bastante para prosseguir. E aí está o propósito de tudo! Ser presente é o melhor presente! 🎁

Ótimo domingo a todos! ❤️

You know what really matters to me? seeing in each of these smiles, each of these waving hands, each of these blinking eyes the reasons to carry on. This, teaches me enough about living a life with a purpose! Being present is the best present you can have! 🎁

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Após tantos dias de sofrimento e extrema escassez causado pelo Ciclone Idai, as crianças do nosso projeto em Dondo (Moçambique), se reuniram hoje para AGRADECER aos céus e orar por todos que contribuíram com as arrecadações. ❤️ 🙌🏼

Com o dinheiro arrecadado temos providenciado comida para várias famílias da comunidade de Dondo: na faixa de 60 crianças + seus pais.

Nessa foto, tirada há poucas horas, mostra algumas que se reencontraram hoje.

Infelizmente, tivemos a confirmação hoje que 8 crianças do projeto e seus pais ainda não retornaram ao Dondo, encontram-se desaparecidas. 😪

Sabemos que com a chegada do Ciclone muitas famílias foram dispersas, perderam seus lares e tudo o que tinham mas foram acolhidas por outras organizações humanitárias e esperamos que eles estejam lá. 🙏🏼 Só saberemos com o tempo, muita gente ainda está desaparecida.

Por agora, não temos palavras suficientes para agradecer aos que nos ajudaram com cada centavo, cada remessa, cada oração. Ainda temos uma longa estrada pela frente mas juntos, somos mais fortes e podemos ir além.

Ajude-nos se você puder. Seja como for, toda ajuda é MUITO bem-vinda.

Desejamos a todos um domingo de paz e muita comunhão.

🇬🇧 🇲🇿❤️

These pictures are from today. The children from our project have been reunited this morning to give thanks to God and pray for those that helped.

Since that the Cyclone Idai hit the coast of Mozambique, many have been dislocated, families were disjointed due to the chaos that vanished their homes and everything they had.

Unfortunately today we got informed that about 8 children from our project and their parents are missing. They haven’t returned home since the catastrophe and we are hoping that they are being looked after in the shelters provided by others humanitarian organisations.

Please keep them all in your prayers and if you would like to help, get in touch. We are feeding about 60 children not to mention their parents. We need more help to get them food, personal care products and a product that filters the water.

Lastly, we would like to thank everyone that has helped us so far. No words are able to measure our gratitude.

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Children from our project have been reunited this morning 07/04/19

25kg of rice in 🇲🇿 costs about:

🇬🇧 £12

🇧🇷 R$60

🇺🇸 $16

🇪🇺 €14

thankfully, with the money we raised a few days ago, we managed to get 3 more sacks of rice 🍚 to feed the locals. This won’t be enough to feed them for many days. We are helping 60 children, not to mention their parents and friends. We need more help. 🙏🏼

If you’d like to help, please get in touch.

in the meantime, we’d like to say that we can’t express our gratitude in words but certainly ☝🏼 God will bless abundantly each of you that helped us so far.

Shalom. 🙌🏼

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Updates from today 31/03/2019

Firstly, we can’t express our gratitude in words to the people that have contributed with funds to help our project in Dondo, Mozambique.

Since that the Cyclone Idai hit the southeast of Mozambique, 90% of everything has been destroyed. People are homeless facing starvation and dehydration. There’s an ongoing and rising epidemic cholera happening at the moment, not to mention that malaria and typhoid contraction are ongoing as well due to the lack of sanitation and safe drinking water.

Humanitarian organisations, aid agencies are over there helping, governments are also targeting and treating these pestilences however, there are still many many people struggling to survive.

In the past days we have received help from families, friends and friends of friends who touched our hearts by expressing their thoughts and concerns about Mozambique and the critical state that the locals have been facing since the catastrophe took place.

Today, Domingos has sent more photos and updates. Over 60 children excluding their parents are being helped with the donations we raised so far. This morning, Domingos and his wife went to the local market to buy more food. On his way, he met this woman (in the picture), she has a disease and needs urgent treatment and care. Domingos has given her some milk powder and money for medicines.

It is heartbreaking to see the world we live in from their perspective. We don’t know what tragedy really feels like in comparison to theirs. We are helping each other with what we can and we need more help.

If you would like to take part of this appeal and foster one’s life for a while, please get in touch. Your help will be very appreciated by all of us. Your donations will go straight to Domingos who will take care of the children, families and send us updates.

May God give us strength to help the poor and love to fight the evil.

Local food markets and people in desperate need this morning in Dondo, Mozambique.

Tc ©️ 31/03/2019

Sadly the major catastrophic Cyclone Idai has washed away everything in Beira and the suburbs around Beira city. Our project Crianças Avivadas/Hands of Hope is based 40km from Beira and has been completely destroyed. Families have been separated, children were rescued by humanitarian organisations such as Red Cross and Unicef. They are many children still split from their parents. Domingos, his family and all the children from our project went missing for 10 days. We could not communicate with Domingos who lives in Dondo looking after the project due to the loss power and networks. It was agonising.

Thankfully, 10 days later, Domingos called us and informed that they were all alive and kept safe, especially the children. Miracle happens! The Unicef estimated the death of 442 people around Beira and Dondo, we know that the survivors are miraculously living after this massive disaster. The Cyclone travelled all the way up Zimbabwe and Malawi, washing away all traces of life, making the death toll go up to 1.000.

Our project focuses on fostering the locals from Dondo, in special around 26 children. However, since the catastrophe took place, over 60 children excluding their parents are joining Domingos on this cause. They all have been critically impacted by this tragedy as well, many have lost relatives and babies when the Cyclone Idai approached. The children and their parents have lost their homes and have no food, clothes or anything to carry on living.

Therefore we have been asking for donations which go straight to Domingos, our friend and brother in faith, who lives in Dondo and has been helping our project to grow.

The donations can be sent via western union directly to him who will be buying beans, salt, rice and oil to share with the locals. Since that the tragedy took place, Domingos is sheltering locals in his own house. Gladly only the roof of his house has been taken away, but he managed to collect the pieces he could find around, fixed and put them back again.

If you would like to help us, please fill the form below and we will send you the step-by-step process via e-mail.


Your help will be very appreciated by all of us and will guarantee one’s life for a while. It is heartbreaking and it has been extremely difficult for them, many are still dying from starvation and dehydration. The Humanitarian organisations are helping but they are not enough, much more help is needed. There are too many people in need. Everything is basically gone.

In the meanwhile, you can watch the video from yesterday 27 of March 2019. The video was recorded by Domingos’s daughter. They are sharing the food with the locals. Thankfully, since last Sunday, we managed to buy 5 sacks of rice, 25 L of oil, 20 kg of beans and 15kg of salt with the donations from family, friends and supporters around the world.  We can not thank everyone enough for that!

Keep praying for Mozambique, keep praying for the world.
May God gives us strength to help the poor and love to fight the evil.

Watch the video by clicking on the link below:

Video 👈🏼

🇧🇷 Notícia boa! 🇲🇿🇲🇼🇿🇼🙌🏼

Com a arrecadação que fizemos, hoje, finalmente o Sr. Domingos conseguiu comprar: 5 sacos de arroz, 25L de óleo, 20kg feijão e 15kg de sal. Graças a Deus e as vidas que nos ajudaram a concretizar esse pedido de socorro. Agora o Sr. Domingos estará repartindo com os demais e garantindo pelo menos uma refeição no dia.

Moçambique ainda encontra-se em estado de extrema urgência. Muitas pessoas estão desidratadas e famintas. As organizações humanitárias não estão sendo suficiente.

Se você quiser fazer parte desse projeto, trazendo um pouco de esperança e pelo menos 1 refeição ao dia aos moçambicanos, entre em contato no formulário acima. A sua contribuição será enviada diretamente ao Sr. Domingos que estará tomando conta da distruibuição dos alimentos com os outros demais.

Deus vos abençoe abundantemente por abraçar essa causa comigo.

Para ver o vídeo da distribuição da comida clique aqui:  Video 👈🏼

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Ticiele de Camargo.