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Updates from today 31/03/2019

Firstly, we can’t express our gratitude in words to the people that have contributed with funds to help our project in Dondo, Mozambique.

Since that the Cyclone Idai hit the southeast of Mozambique, 90% of everything has been destroyed. People are homeless facing starvation and dehydration. There’s an ongoing and rising epidemic cholera happening at the moment, not to mention that malaria and typhoid contraction are ongoing as well due to the lack of sanitation and safe drinking water.

Humanitarian organisations, aid agencies are over there helping, governments are also targeting and treating these pestilences however, there are still many many people struggling to survive.

In the past days we have received help from families, friends and friends of friends who touched our hearts by expressing their thoughts and concerns about Mozambique and the critical state that the locals have been facing since the catastrophe took place.

Today, Domingos has sent more photos and updates. Over 60 children excluding their parents are being helped with the donations we raised so far. This morning, Domingos and his wife went to the local market to buy more food. On his way, he met this woman (in the picture), she has a disease and needs urgent treatment and care. Domingos has given her some milk powder and money for medicines.

It is heartbreaking to see the world we live in from their perspective. We don’t know what tragedy really feels like in comparison to theirs. We are helping each other with what we can and we need more help.

If you would like to take part of this appeal and foster one’s life for a while, please get in touch. Your help will be very appreciated by all of us. Your donations will go straight to Domingos who will take care of the children, families and send us updates.

May God give us strength to help the poor and love to fight the evil.

Local food markets and people in desperate need this morning in Dondo, Mozambique.

Tc ©️ 31/03/2019