100 years of Owen 📻

A hundred years of Owen 💙

“Owen was put in charge of The Hydra, the hospital’s literary magazine, and encouraged to write poetry. But his surroundings also furnished Owen with something more valuable: a space to process the suffering he had seen and was seeing around him. This emotion, recollected in tranquillity, is crystallised in the subject matter of some of his best known poems – characterised by an evocation of the sick, the wounded and the dying. His manuscripts reflect that state of mind. Composition for Owen was neither frenzied nor easy, but rather it involved a steady process of probing words and phrases from which he manufactured the emotional intensity in his poetry.”

Very interesting and inspiring article, Owen shows us that writing helps overcoming traumas and awful memories. Furthermore, by expressing our pains we are able to discover and improve our talent, such as writing. 📝